A long standing client asked Owen Devenport to look at the possibility of obtaining planning permission for a single dwelling on a beach front plot in Abersoch. After an initial assessment it was concluded that whilst falling in with general policy there were many hurdles to overcome, including flood risk, impact on neighbours, access and design. In this regard Matthew Jones Architects were engaged and many months went by before the NRW finally agreed to the Flood Risk Assessment that had been prepared beforehand. The Architects then set about preparing their contemporary and imaginative scheme and finished up with a modern take on the 'beach house' and a design which met with the Local Planning Authority's approval in this sensitive yet highly attractive location in Abersoch.

Gwynedd's planning officers were helpful throughout highlighting issues as the consultation process progressed. Each time Owen Devenport had to address these issues and in the light of complaints the matter had to be referred to Committee. The application arrived at the planning committee with a recommendation of approval and the Members agreed.

So, an existing client has kept faith with us on a tricky yet highly prized development in this much sought after village. He has ended up with a superbly designed contemporary dwelling in a fabulous beach location, within a short walk of the village centre.



Owen Devenport have recently obtained outline planning approval for 5 large detached executive homes on a site set on the edge of an existing development in Colwyn Bay. Currently the site contains a mix of empty agricultural buildings and the consent gained allows for the site to be redeveloped into a high quality residential development.

The application involved extensive discussions and negotiations with the Council on a number of issues including highways, the density of the development, and whether affordable housing should be required. We were able to achieve successful outcomes for our client for all of these issues, and ensure that the Council were satisfied that the development was acceptable.

We also addressed a number of objections that were received from local residents to the scheme, and were able to show that these were not justified.

Having resolved these issues the Case Officer recommended to the Planning Committee that the application be approved. We then spoke in favour of the proposal at the Committee, and the Councillors took on board the points that were made and approved the application.

We are pleased that we were able to bring this application to a successful conclusion, and that a vacant brownfield site will now be used to provide an attractive and valuable development.


Owen Devenport were instructed by a returning client to manage an application for the redevelopment of a site containing a group of dilapidated former agricultural buildings into three 5-7 bed high quality holiday letting units, together with a leisure and events building on Anglesey. The proposal was brought forward to allow our clients to build upon the success of their existing luxury holiday letting unit. After gaining instructions we held initial and then detailed pre-application meetings with the Local Planning Authority to ensure that they were supportive of the application, and to allow for their input into the design of the scheme. This early engagement proved to be invaluable as the comments that were received were helpful in ensuring that all issues were covered in the formal submission.

Llanlliana-existingFollowing these discussions we then supervised work by our clients’ Architects and other specialist consultants, and brought together their work into an integrated and high quality submission that addressed the range of issues that were raised by the planning officers during pre-application meetings. This attention to detail was helpful during consideration of the Application by the Council as only a limited range of issues were raised during its consideration that required attention. We responded to these for our clients, and assisted them with gathering evidence of the broad support from the local community and businesses for their application.

Llanlliana-approved1The resulting permission is for a superb development which will allow our client to develop and expand their existing business, and which will also be a valuable asset for Anglesey’s tourism sector.




The client owned a site that was a former goods yard but it was located in open countryside. The site was also adjacent to the busy A5025  with a difficult access. The site was surrounded by trees which introduced another difficult element, being the impact upon the ecology. Owen Devenport were instructed to look at the potential of developing this site as a small (but very well located) chalet park. There were many issues to resolve including access and ecology as mentioned above, but also archaeology, layout and indeed the principle of a chalet park in this location. A suitable case was prepared with all bases covered including the potential benefit to the tourism economy should the application be approved. It was some time before the LPA could decide on the application and after all the delay the application was finally granted permission to site 9 new chalets for holiday use in a prime location.

A successful outdoor pursuits organisation in the north of Anglesey were wanting to extend their business to allow for accommodation in the form of a touring caravan area. The site was however prominent and in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Owen Devenport were instructed to advise and suggested a layout that would take advantage of the natural contours and landscape around the main site. After a detailed topographical survey a layout was produced that effectively 'hid' the caravans into the landscape and thus causing minimum impact on the character of the area. Permission was given for a site for 10 touring caravan pitches which extended the clients offer to potential customers.


Our clients' family were granted permission (via the services of Owen Devenport) to secure a building as an office for their business. Following permission to relocate the office to another part of the site the building was surplus to requirements and as such its conversion to a dwelling was the most logical use. However this was not the commercial use that planning policy was directing such development towards and so we had to prepare a strong case as to why this building was in fact unsuitable for any other business use. It took many months of deliberation by the LPA and there was substantial liaison with the officers throughout. The LPA finally agreed that it was the only suitable use, even though the property was technically located in open countryside. A delighted client now has permission for new offices with showroom as well as a new dwelling on the site.