Our clients owned land in Newborough on Anglesey upon which they had already completed the erection of six dwellings on part of that land some nine years ago. We were appointed as the company’s Planning Consultants through their architectural consultants WM Design, in order to aid them through the process of applying for the erection of these extra six dwellings being effectively to initiate phase two of the development. Owen Devenport set together a comprehensive planning application adding to the fact that there was an ever increasing need for affordable homes in Newborough, and indeed that this small parcel of land was a perfectly suited for this type of development. However, inexplicably, the Local Member chose to object to providing affordable homes, but the planning committee supported the officer’s decision to approve the development. Following further minor negotiations on drainage and highways we were delighted to inform our clients that they had been granted permission for the scheme and they can now start the preparations to initiate phase two.