We were approached to assist on a scheme by our client’s Solicitor as issues had arisen during a sale of the property with the use of building as a holiday letting unit. The building was originally built as a boat house on the banks of the Menai Straits, but had been used as a holiday letting unit for a number of years, but had no permission in place for the use. After discussing the history of the site with our client we advised that they seek a certificate of lawfulness for the use as retrospective consent would not be granted due to the site’s location. Since she had indeed occupied the building as a dwelling for numerous years she had plentiful evidence to support her claim when putting together a Statutory Declaration as part of the submission. We worked alongside her and her Solicitor to prepare this piece of evidence ensuring that it solidified her application. Not too long after submission we received notice from the Local Planning Authority that the application was allowed as the use was in fact lawful. Our client can now carry on with the sale of the property secure in the knowledge that the use of the building has been proven and that any new owner can continue to enjoy the benefit of the holiday letting unit.