We were instructed to prepare an application for reserved matters approval for a house on a piece of land in the small village of Carmel on Anglesey. There was a current outline planning permission on the land to build a dwelling but time was running out fast to get reserved matters approval. Due to the recent changes to the Local Development Plan it would be near impossible to receive this kind of permission at that site again once the permission lapsed, therefore we got in touch with the site’s owner to discuss their next steps.

They had the full intention to sell the plot and understood the implications discussed and appointed us as their Planning Consultants to continue with the scheme and assemble the team needed to gain reserved matters approval and also address all pre-commencement conditions upon the permission. As a result, we were able to attain permission and secure the permission, allowing our clients time to sell the property or if needed to implement it and thereby secure it. Our clients were delighted with the success and have now found a buyer.