Owen Devenport were recommended to our client by another property professional to help tackle this intriguing case. The site was situated on South Stack on Holy Island, and is set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Heritage Coast, not to mention the numerous ecological and environmental designations. Our client wished to build a run of steps down his property to the private beach below without causing any harmful impact upon the AONB or the environmental designations. He had previously sought permission from the Council but had been unsuccessful due to the sensitivity of the site and concerns about possible harm to the area.

From our initial research, we gathered that the site would be a tricky one as there were numerous aspects to consider in designing the stairs. To ensure that the Council were brought on-board we initially prepared a pre-planning enquiry in order to ensure that the team had a full grasp of their stance. We also worked with an engineering and environmental consultancy who carefully designed each aspects of the new staircase in a way that would respect its environment and blend in while also creating a much safer access for our client’s use.

The pre-application enquiry resulted in a positive response, and after making minor adjustments to our proposal we submitted a full planning application on our client’s behalf, which was approved by the Council.

Our client was delighted to receive planning permission and is looking forward to starting work on implementing their permission. He has also been kind enough to provide us with a testimonial https://www.owendevenport.co.uk/index.php/testimonial/398-mr-mark-llewellyn