Following the withdrawal of an earlier application due to considerable local objections we were instructed to prepare a revised application for the development of a plot within the village of Rowen with two 2-storey dwellings in place of an existing dilapidated bungalow. Following consideration of the concerns raised for the original proposal we advised that the application should be accompanied by a Traffic Assessment and that amendments should be made to the design. Following further negotiations we were able to gain a recommendation of approval for the proposal from the Planning Officer.

However considerable local opposition arose which led the Planning Committee to refuse the application citing concerns of over development, and loss of privacy to adjoining properties due to overlooking. We advised the client that this decision was unsound and lodged an appeal accordingly, submitting a detailed case which demonstrated that the development was entirely appropriate for the site, and that there would be no loss of privacy. We were also able to demonstrate local support in the face of the large number of objections submitted from outside of the area on behalf of a limited number of local people objecting to the scheme. Having considered the case put forward the Inspector allowed the appeal and granted permission for the scheme.