A rural based car and bus hire company is being run by two ladies both with young families. The business is situated in a rural community and provides essential transport for those who live in the community including school and hospital transport. Now well established, but having only one dwelling on site there was a clear need for a second family dwelling but an application for a rural enterprise dwelling had already been turned down before the applicant (see testimonial from Kerry Pepperell) turned to Owen Devenport for advice. The siting was amended and the evidence was also more substantial to ensure that the relevant tests for a rural enterprise dwelling were being met. A robust application was then submitted and the LPA requested further evidence during the course of their consideration of the application. The rural location of the depot was a crucial part of the argument in favour of the proposal, and to this end the planning committee conducted a site visit. After the site visit the matter went to committee where planning approval was given, much to the delight of our client, her business partner and of course their young families.