Planning permission has been  granted for the siting of 3 Shepherd’s Huts at Ffynnon Beuno, in Tremeirchion. The site itself is highly attractive with the presence of formal gardens, a planned orchard, and various hedgerows. Careful consideration had to be made on the siting and material choice of each hut in order to ensure they had minimum impact upon the quality and character of the landscape. The interior design of each hut would provide high quality accommodation and therefore pitch the site at the high end of the 'glamping' market.

Being a potentially sensitive location it was important to ensure the financial case was made and the client also became involved in fruitful discussions with various officers of Denbighshire Council. The sustainable credentials of the whole development won the day, because the enterprise was intended to generate income to support many sustainable projects on the clients' land  at Ffynnon Beuno (Images below are illustrative only and may not be the ones our client will finally locate on the site).