Owen Devenport were contacted by a client who had demolished an existing house and begun work on building a replacement dwelling but had done so unaware of the need for Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent.

Having examined the detailed information and photographs collected by our client it became clear that he had undertaken the work in good faith, and that the existing dwelling was of no historic interest due to its poor quality and the fact that it appeared to have been extensively re-built in the last 20-25 years by the previous owner. It was also clear that the replacement building that our client intended to erect would be a substantial improvement from the pre-existing building. This case was put to the Council along with an argument that the staging of the works meant that the existing use of the site had been retained.

Following the initial submission extensive discussions were held with the Authority that required detailed input and pressure from ourselves to persuade the Planning Officers of the merits of the case, and assistance with negotiations on amendments to the design and an agreed scheme of works to preserve the remaining historic elements of the building in order to secure the support of the Council’s Conservation Officer.

This resulted in our client gaining retrospective Planning and Listed Building Consent to retain and complete the house, where previously he had faced the prospect of losing the residential use of the site and the requirement to demolish his partially constructed home.