We were approached by clients who owned a site in Denbigh and the land itself formed the garden to the existing property. The proposal was to demolish the existing two outbuildings on the land and to erect 3 new detached 4 bedroom dwellings in their stead. These new dwellings will be built to reflect the other dwellings in the surrounding area and would fit in nicely in regards of character and scale and would form a suitable addition to the vicinity. The plot is situated to the south of St David’s Church and originally formed part of the church’s graveyard. As a result of this it was necessary to instruct Archaeologists to inspect the site and to ensure that no graves aligned across the land. Further to this the site itself also lays upon an area of potential battlefield activity relating to the Civil War siege in 1646. Digging of the site was then necessary to ensure it held no value and consequently nothing was found on site. In addition, other constraints were overcome on the site, which included a narrow access and surrounding protected trees. Following from this the Local Authority considered the proposal and we were pleased to say that permission was finally granted which left us once again with a pleased client.