Our clients approached us with the aim of buying the old antique store in Bryn Mynan, Pentrefelin, Conwy after countless searches for a suitable location for their ever growing business plans. We needed to secure permission for the change of use from the sale of architectural antiques to the storage, distribution, and sale of roofing materials. We needed to convince the LPA that this was an appropriate re-use of an existing commercial site to accommodate the relocation of a another local business, thereby retaining employment in the area as well as providing a useful local service. Their main intention would be to use the site for the storage of materials along with the smaller element of direct sales. We were of the opinion that the proposed use would be regarded as similar to its current use and would not generate high traffic volume and movements as a result therefore it would have a minimal impact upon its surroundings. Considering these elements Owen Devenport set about submitting evidence in order to justify the new use mainly referring to how it would have little impact upon the site and surroundings but would allow the growth of a business along with meeting the needs of the applicants (our clients). After considerable negotiations with the Local Planning Authority we were finally able to achieve the permission we sought therefore leaving our clients hopeful for the future of their long established business.