Planning permission has been  granted for the siting of 3 Shepherd’s Huts at Ffynnon Beuno, in Tremeirchion. The site itself is highly attractive with the presence of formal gardens, a planned orchard, and various hedgerows. Careful consideration had to be made on the siting and material choice of each hut in order to ensure they had minimum impact upon the quality and character of the landscape. The interior design of each hut would provide high quality accommodation and therefore pitch the site at the high end of the 'glamping' market.


Owen Devenport were initially engaged to prepare a Lawful Use application for a kitchen manufacturer, Celfiderw. The business had been established in a rural location for a number of years and had grown into the successful business it was today - but, without planning permission. We applied for a Lawful Use Certificate and that was granted on the evidence produced.

A further application was now needed to cater for further expansion now that the use had been established. This proved to be less than straight forward as the buildings, although not Listed, were seen as being locally important with a distinctive character. A long drawn out negotiation period followed, with many changes argued for and against. Ultimately the client obtained his consent which will allow him to develop the business further. This was an example of where Owen Devenport had to mediate between our clients ' ambitions and the LPA's demands.

We were asked to assess the likelihood of obtaining planning permission on a plot which was outside the development boundary of a village in Anglesey. Normally we would advise against pursuing these types of applications unless there was good reason to do otherwise. We assessed the location of this plot in relation to the built development and concluded that there would be no material harm should this plot be developed. Consequently plans were drawn up of the type of detached property the client wanted and his Architects, Matthew Jones of Deganwy prepared plans for a substantial property that was suited to this edge of village location.

The application was duly submitted and the only real obstacle was the site's location physically outside the adopted development boundary. Owen Devenport put together a submission whereby it was suggested that whilst that might be the case there would be no harm to visual amenities and in fact the plot should have been included within the development boundary when it was initially drawn up.

After some time in discussions with the planning officer, he concluded that these were sound arguments and presented the application to Committee. They agreed with the officer's recommendation of approval and the client now has permission to build an exceptional detached property in a private location on the outskirts of the village.


A Cheshire firm of Architects wanted to instruct a local company of Town Planners with experience of dealing with Gwynedd Council. Owen Devenport were recommended and were duly instructed. The scheme was to erect a new single dwelling on a plot in Llanbedrog. This was unusual in that it was on an estate of properties built during the 1970's and would be the first new development on this estate. In advising the Architects, and in accordance with the clients' ambitions, plans were drawn of a contemporary low level single storey dwelling, which would also potentially affect the setting of a Listed Building, sited to the rear of the proposed plot.

The Planning Support Statement prepared by Owen Devenport dealt with all the issues and was used by the Architects who submitted the application on behalf of their client. There followed some discussions on design, and the plans were duly amended. The client had also submitted, through his Architects, an application to extend the adjoining dwelling, which he also owned. As a consequence two applications were before the officers and following discussions on matters of design, the principle of both developments was agreed and subsequently both applications were approved. The delighted client has permission for a single plot in a much sought after established development in Llanbedrog, being only a stroll away from the beach.



A long standing client asked Owen Devenport to look at the possibility of obtaining planning permission for a single dwelling on a beach front plot in Abersoch. After an initial assessment it was concluded that whilst falling in with general policy there were many hurdles to overcome, including flood risk, impact on neighbours, access and design. In this regard Matthew Jones Architects were engaged and many months went by before the NRW finally agreed to the Flood Risk Assessment that had been prepared beforehand. The Architects then set about preparing their contemporary and imaginative scheme and finished up with a modern take on the 'beach house' and a design which met with the Local Planning Authority's approval in this sensitive yet highly attractive location in Abersoch.

Gwynedd's planning officers were helpful throughout highlighting issues as the consultation process progressed. Each time Owen Devenport had to address these issues and in the light of complaints the matter had to be referred to Committee. The application arrived at the planning committee with a recommendation of approval and the Members agreed.

So, an existing client has kept faith with us on a tricky yet highly prized development in this much sought after village. He has ended up with a superbly designed contemporary dwelling in a fabulous beach location, within a short walk of the village centre.