Until we contacted Berwyn at Owen Devenport ltd it looked like we were going to lose our family home. As you can imagine this would have been devastating.

Not only would this have meant a huge upheaval just when my youngest is starting her exams but also significant financial loss to ourselves.

Our local council wanted us to demolish our home & clear the site after serving an Enforcement notice upon us. This would have been truly devastating for all of my family.

Not only was Berwyn able to reassure us at that time but he was there for us all the way through the legal process. He also made it clear that we had a strong case to fight.

By following his expert advice & guidance we were able to ensure that we amassed the right evidence & the right team to present to the Inspector.

After a lengthy legal battle that ended in a public Inquiry lasting 3 days Berwyn’s advice paid off. The Inspector found in our favour & the Enforcement Notice was quashed. We can now keep our family home & move on with our lives in our home.